About Us

We are veterans from the Online Gambling and the Binary Options industry.
Based on our vast knowledge in this type of gaming, we creae FUN and attractive games for the social networking world. We believe in FUN and believe that almost anything can be fun given the right thought to it, even the stock market!

Our games do not require flash or other 3'rd party plugin, we use native HTML/CSS/JS and HTML5 createing a cross platform games, which are easy to port to various platforms, including any modern smartphone and tablets. All you need is a modern browser!
Funattica Casino is a fun social casino games available on both mobile and facebook. Currently holding many great games:
  • Slots - 12 themed slots: 9/15/20 lines and soon to have more, with bonus rounds and free spins
  • Mini Slots - Social mini slots allows 3 random players to pick and play out of 3 different slot machines right next to each other, with Room chant and a room bonus rounds
  • Stage Slot - A unique game to Funattica casino, a multi level slot machines game where you have to collect enough winnings to move on to the next stage.
  • Blackjack - Multiplayer classic blackjack table with 3 players per room
  • Baccarat - Multiplayer classic blaccarat table with 3 players per room
  • HiLo - classic HiLo single player table
  • Roulette - Multiplayer Roulette table with 5 players per room
  • Keno - Single player keno(Lotto style) game

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From the classic world of binary options, we deliver the players the ability to learn and have fun while playing the finance trading system known as binary options. Pick an asset(Gold,Silver, Currency pairs,etc), based on the real time graph state whether the price will go up or down within the next 60 seconds, set your amount and trade!

compete against freidns and other players ranking in the leaderboard, buy expensive accessories to yourself such as mansions and planes. Copy a successful trader or just follow him to see his actions. The Stock market trading was never that exciting and fun!

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For any business opportuinities, white lables, and others, please write to info@funattica.com